Project Antihuman, stylized as project:antihuman, is the current musical experiment of the one man band mastermind, Samuel Varela. Self-described as a "chaotic jack-of-all-trades wildcard", he prides himself on creating original content, and giving credit where it's due.

Growing up with a Super Nintendo, a GameBoy, a Casio CA 110, and a refurbished Windows 98 home computer as a child, he was fascinated by the various video game soundtracks of his youth. Having a distinct interest in old-school chiptune, he discovered a way to channel his own ideas in Famitracker, an NES music composer, in his early teens. This wasn't the only means of his early music discoveries, as he stumbled upon his first gateway into music sequencers with the website, creating short MIDIs for games that didn't exist. In high school, Samuel acquired a copy of FL Studio 12 and began composing under the name of vzephyrion on his relatively unknown YouTube channel. Dabbling in a mixture of other trackers, such as OpenMPT and SunVox, he paved the way for more creative ventures later on in life with Renoise, rebranding to project:antihuman, to get back to his tracking roots. His motivations include, but not limited to; a single cup of hot coffee every day and the iron clad fortitude of a quasi-professional.

Creating a variety of electronic-based music with a variety of mediums, he unleashes his genre-indiscriminate madness, including wild chiptune arpeggios and heavy hitting bass solos, to dozens of listeners across the world exclusively throughout the many realms of the internet landscape.